November 24, 2009

Orange alert

This is a photo of a neighbor's house on a pitch black night with its lights on. The camera was hand held, giving the effect that the house is on fire.
Continuing the orange theme, this is a painting by Hubert Scheibl, an Austrian painter I admire. His new show at the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropak opens today. From the information I saw on the website, I can't figure out whether its at the gallery's Paris or Salzburg locations.

But I guess it's a little late to fly over for the opening.

Orange is also at play in this photo of the painting I am currently working on for my Dresden show at Bard College at Simon's Rock from January 18 to February 12.

I showed you mock-ups for the painting in my November 18 post.

What you're seeing here is the angel at the top and the prone woman, representing Dresden, at the bottom. The figures were drawn on canvas and were then cut out and attached to the surface of the painting with gesso.

The idea for the painting comes from William Blake's Pity, and the angel's face and shoulders were printed from an internet reproduction of that painting. Looking at what I've done so far, it looks like the angel needs breast reduction surgery.

For blowups click on the pictures. Top photo by Grier Horner/Protected by copyright.

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