November 28, 2009

November skies

Climbing the mall road the other day, I shot this out the side window of  the Prius. Those clouds, those amazing clouds.

To me 2009 is the year of the cloud, as I have said here before. I can't remember seeing so many days of great skies before.

Thursday as we wolfed down a spectacular Thanksgiving meal at Pete and Zoa's - who have been hosting the annual family get together for almost 50 years - the sky was gray. But in the house with 23 of us at the table it was all light and warmth and memories.

When it all started Babbie and I were still in our 20s. Now we are the oldest of the three generations at the table. Our children are now older than we were when Pete and Zoa extended their first invitatioin.

I hope the kids, and their kids keep the tradition flourishing another half century.

Getting back to clouds, here's another  shot, this one on a partly sunny day when the clouds capped the hills.

Photos by Grier Horner/All rights reserved

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