October 7, 2009

The Canary

I'd like to fly this pretty yellow Piper. But I don't know how. Steve does. He's building one, an open cockpit job. That would be great to fly in. But I don't think he's ever going to finish it.
He doesn't either.

I took the shot of the Piper when Steve, an ex paratrooper, and I visited the grass-strip airport at Ghent, New York.

Years ago a North Adams 12-year-old and his friend swiped a plane from the North Adams airport and landed it safely in New York state.

That was pretty impressive. He had never flown a plane before, only read about flying planes.

I only bring up the thing about the kid taking the plane because Steve and I kidded about stealing one.

Amelia Earhart's first plane was yellow. She called it Canary. Too bad this shot wasn't in color.

Jonas has a wild plane (above) that he built. If he took me up he'd show me some stunts. That would be wild. Like the way Mickey's giving us the finger.