June 30, 2009

How it turned out

This painting, Runway 4, is basically finished. (Oh, no. I just noticed the horse's ears are backward.)

Yesterday I started Runway 5. No horse this time. But there is a tank. Like Runway 1, 2, 3 and 4, it's six feet by four feet, acrylic on canvas.

By the way I entered this world 74 years ago today. Cooked up a batch of jambalya yesterday so we can celebrate Cajun style.

Man, I love jambalya. And key lime pie. That's for desert.

June 28, 2009

Horse Head Revisited

The other day I was talking about toning down the horse. My internet pal F.X., also a painter, suggested glazing with the background color.

I did that, throwing in a little raw umber and dark violet for good measure, thinned it down and brushed it on. If you look at my previous post you'll see the difference.