November 22, 2009

In hot pursuit

I'm driving the Odyssey down Crane Avenue Friday afternoon when I spotted it coming out of Clark Road.
See it. See that yellow school bus making the right turn there out of Clark?

Who do they think they're fooling? They can't outrun us even under the cover of lowering clouds. We just had new alloy wheels with extra fast snow tires mounted on the van. So fasten your seat belts, we're in pursuit.

The bus is hotrodding it but we're gaining ground anyway. And unless the driver's willing to risk the lives of 25 kids, he (or she) has to stop at the bottom of the hill where Crane ends at North.

What did I tell you. Even if he (or she) wanted to run the stop sign, the driver was forced to come to a halt because the cars ahead of it stopped.

It's not like the movies where the desperadoes use the weight of the bus to push the cars out of the way like toys.

So here, intrepid reader, you have photographic proof that daring drivers like us always catch the bus.

To enlarge the photos click on them. Photos by Grier Horner/Protected by copyright.

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