August 14, 2009

Surprising myself

OK, here is the final version of Runway No. 6. Please stop me before I do more work on it and screw it up.

As soon as I uploaded this photo, I could see there is a section on the right side of her waist that needs some shading.

I repainted that area Tuesday in an effort to make her bikini bottom show through subtly. (I think you'll be able to see that if you click on the image to blow it up.) At the same time I redefined the scarves on the left side and did some work on the legs and the flowers in her dress.

I posted early and mid-stage photos of the painting on August 1 and August 6.

Sometimes a painting I do amazes me. This is one. The tough part for me was the clothing. I don't usually do low-velocity colors. Like the others in the series, this is 6'x4' with a dark violet background.

The outfit is by Missoni and the burning vehicle is from a photo taken during the Vietnam War. I haven't been able to track down the photographer.

I had technical advice in toning down the burning truck from FX Tobin in Arizona. Take a look at his website. It's pretty wild.

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