August 12, 2009

On the rail

I took this shot of Pontoosuc Lake from Route 7 last evening during a 2-mile walk. The railing was put up by the state when it rebuilt the road about 14 years ago.

Originally the state had planned a concrete wall, but substituted this see-through railing after stories by Dan Bellow in the Berkshire Eagle, created an uproar. People wanted to see the lake as they drove by in their cars.

After the walk I had supper and listened to John Irving's novel Widow for a Year and drank three or four glasses of cheap white wine - a wine we always get and which I like a lot. Babbie was out. I wouldn't have had so much wine if she was home.

Then I went down and worked a while on the painting I have been doing. I had already worked on it for several hours earlier. It's a good painting. And I'm concerned that I'm getting too fussy about the details and may ruin it.

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