March 26, 2009

Tonight there's an Evening with the Artist at the Zeitgeist Gallery at 684 North Street, Pittsfield. The subject is Joan of Arc and I'm the artist. It's taking place in conjunction with my show, Jeanne d'Arc, which opened there last Saturday. (See previous post.)
It starts at 7 and I'll talk a little (if you're lucky) about Joan of Arc and then open it up to a conversation with the audience - if there is one.
You're all invited.
While I'm carrying on, Carl Th Dreyer's classic silent film, The Passion of Joan of Arc, will be playing on the wall thanks to Nicole's magic projector. That gives the audience a distinct advantage. You can watch the movie instead of listening to me.
Renee Falconetti, as Joan, gives an amazing performance.
Playing the movie could provide some excitement. The FBI could raid the joint. You know how you're warned at the beginning of each DVD not to show this in public for love or money?  Well this is one of those illegal showings. The Swat Team could burst in at any time.
By the way, this is for love, not money. Despite all this potential excite,emt. tjere's no admission fee.
P.S.  Tomorrow (Friday) I will be at the new downtown Berkshire Community College Art Gallery from 1 to 4. Drop in and see my show, The Dresden Firebombing. That's an order. I'm going to need some company.

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