March 25, 2009

Jeanne d'Arc

Jeanne d'Arc, the series I've been working on for nine months, opened Saturday at the Zeitgeist Gallery in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Nineteen of the 33 are hanging there.

There was a lot of people, a lot of talk, a lot of enthusiasm (he said modestly).

Pittsfield has five galleries downtown and right now two of them are exhibiting solo shows of my work. The first show at the  new Berkshire Community College Art Gallery was of my Dresden Firebombing paintings. Do I sound like I'm bragging? You have it right.

At Zeitgeist, 684 North Street (Across from Family Dollar) there's going to be "An Evening with the Artist" this Thursday night. It starts at 7 and will be an exchange with the audience about Joan of Arc. Carl Th. Dreiser's classic silent film, The Passion of Joan of Arc, will be projected against a wall during the conversation. Wait until you see Renee Falconetti as Joan. She gives one of the great performances in film.

I'm a big Joan of Arc enthusiast ever since reading the transcript of her heresy trial held in 1431. She was brilliant in strategy and leadership and turned the tide of the Hundred Years War. Before she took command of the French army England was winning decisively. The French generals had been timid. She was bold and inspired. 

Eventually captured, she was tried by the English and their sympathisers and burned at the stake. She was 19. 

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