August 17, 2011

Grier Horner | One Life Photos 2011

VOTE for me. If you like the pictures I've entered in this contest - One Life Photos 2011. To vote, and see the pictures, click here. The winner gets $10,000. There's still time to enter. Thanks.

The Vote Count: at 10 a.m. , Aug. 19, - 25.

By the way, Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man is back on its original spot - one that had been eaten and spit out by Lion.

When I bought Lion, Mac's new operating system to replace the beast had carried my burden previously - was it  Snow Leopard? - Lion killed Contribute, the software I use to do my blog.

Contribute is made by Adobe and that firm's Loveesh Kumar, exercising the patience of Job, talked this non techie through the harrowing procedure of installing the software on my iMac, which seemed to fight us every inch of the way.

Although my sites up and running again - I have a new post on it now - I may stick with blogspot for a while to see if I can built some readership here.

(Photo by Grier Horner/All Rights Reserved)

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