November 6, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

I think the girl on the train yesterday morning was a fashion model. She was tall, thin and beautiful. This is not a direct shot of her, but of her reflection in the window.

By luck you can see the foliage of the trees along the tracks in her face.

I couldn't see her. But I could see her reflection in the narrow space between the seat back in front of me and the window. Here's another shot.

While I was very happy with what I got on the way to Grand Central, I was unhappy about a shot I missed in New York.

A tall, attractive woman was on 10th Avenue at the corner of West 24th talking with a young man. She was pregnant and this was emphasized by the blue and white striped sweater she was wearing.

Suddenly she yanked the sweater up so he could see.

I was watching this through the window of Trestle on Tenth, one of my favorite bistros. But I couldn't get to my camera in time. For consolation I had a duck tenderloin sandwich and a glass of pinot noir.

One more shot, to add a beauty and the beast twist to this post. A picture of my reflection returning on the train last night.

Click on the pictures to get blowups. Photos by Grier Horner. All rights reserved.

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