October 31, 2009

Golden day

Sometimes in late fall in New England, there are golden days. Friday was one of them.

I took a lot of photos in the morning and then again in the afternoon. These are all from the late afternoon after a friend and I had a wonderful time talking over coffee.

I was driving up South Street in Pittsfield, Massachusetts - the town where I live - when I caught a red light at West Housatonic.

It looked so beautiful in this clear light that I pulled my little Nikon out of my pocket and took this shot.

Then I turned right on East Street to return an audio book, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, to the Berkshire Athenaeum.

If you haven't read this amazing, mystic first novel by David Wroblewski, I recommend it highly.

Anyway, I was standing in the library's lower parking lot when I took the photo above looking east on East Street.

Still on East looking east I put the camera in it's telephoto phase and took this picture of the Wendell Funeral Home and Pittsfield High School, it's spire pointing to the moon.

Click on the shots to blow them up. Photos by Grier Horner/ All rights reserved.

Let me apologize for the technical problems that have blocked my efforts to post recently on my main blog site, http://grierhorner.com/blog.

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