September 29, 2009

New York reflections

Today I'll show you some of the photos I took in New York last week. I was shooting with one of those miniature Nikon's you can slip in your pocket. It has a strong telephoto.

A problem, as you can see, is I managed to imprint these with the date and time. It was my second time handling the camera and I didn't know how to switch that feature off.

I love all the layers of reflection in the building above and the one below.

Like me the man in the dark suit was looking at this woman's shapely legs. And doesn't that look like the face of a ghoulish giant looking on from the second-story window in the building across the street?

To get big enlargements of the photos, click on them.

1 comment:

  1. I love your NYC photos, they made me homesick...all the layers, reflection, movement, faces.