September 24, 2009

Gallery quest

This compelling photo is by Richard Learoyd, an Englishman being shown in this country for the first time at the McKee Gallery, 745 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Learoyd's one-man show at McKee, which has never shown a photographer before, was one of the wonderful things I saw on my tour of 57th Street galleries on Tuesday.

Look at Agnes in a Striped Dress and she looks back at you. Wherever you go her eyes follow you.

You start thinking you know a lot about her from staring at the photo. But then it occurs to you that Agnes is the one taking you in. To see more of his haunting portraits at McKee, hit this link.
And to enlarge any of the photos in this blog, click on it.

Going from classy photography to ordinary, here is a self portrait in an elevator on 57th Street.

I went to New York galleries a few times five or six years ago. I didn't get anywhere and gave up quickly. I'm determined not to fold so easily this time.

Another gallery I looked at was Marian Goodman where I took this shot of a maintenance operation. The gallery is showing large scale photos by Jeff Wall, an art world star. To see my blog on Wall's show at Goodman two years ago click here
and scroll down to the March 26 post.

One thing I did discover Tuesday was this: In New York the messenger bag has replaced the backpack, despite what you see on this mannequin I photographed Tuesday.

My daughter Shannon had told me a messenger bag might be the way to go and I had bought one for my forays into Manhattan. It proved very convenient and comfortable.

PS: Learoy's picture of Agnes in a Striped Dress was taken from the gallery's website. He works with the camera obscura. Each photo is unique.

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