August 27, 2009

Tamp steamer

This is the tramp steamer I'm making for an old friend who had seen a similar piece of mine and wanted one. This is made of copper, wire, pencils and acrylic paint. It is 18" x 14". I call it Tramp Steamer.

As you can see it's three dimensional. Its cargo, a giant heart, is being lowered into the hold.

This is the boat in an earlier stage. To get to this point I had drawn paper patterns and traced them onto sheet copper. I cut the copper with shears and riveted the sections together. I made a ladder out of aluminum wire.

I had painted the sky light blue but converted it to violet. Then I painted the hull to make it look like a beat-up freighter. More changes are in the works.


  1. Grier, I love this piece. It is amazing. I love your mixed media work.

  2. There is a young artist here in Nairobi who does something similar, using found objects like bottle caps and nails and flip-flops. We have one that is his take on an African mask.

    I love the way this piece is so solid but so light-hearted.