July 26, 2009

Busy as a bee

The purple thistles Babbie and I planted in one corner of the raspberry patch some years ago are very popular with bees.

I took this shot about 6:30 yesterday evening after mowing the lawn.

And mowing the lawn came after a nap, which came after hours of grappling with a leak that's causing interior rot inside a small section of the back wall of the house. I hope its a small section.

I've pulled off trim, yanked out one wide plank floorboard, cut a small rectangle out of the mushy plywood underflooring, pried off exterior shingles, and cut a hole in the wallboard - just missing an electric wire.

I can see the damage the but I still haven't figured out how the rain is getting in.

It was nice during the day. But now its night and it's raining. It seems like it's been raining since June 1.

I have a hard time going to sleep when it's raining. All I can think about is it leaking in and wreaking havoc.

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