June 17, 2009

Heads Up

Here's the painting I'm working on now - Runway #4. I've been having a terrible time with her head.

It was cocked to the left and had been bothering me for a couple days. The tilt was too much. She looked unnatural. So I painting her head at a lesser angle.

I put the eyes in for the third time, gouging them into the thickening paint. She still looked strange. So I painted a new head. And then another one. Then I modified the tilt on that one.

Now I think the tilt's okay so I'll start grappling with the eyes and nose again. I don't have to worry about her mouth because it's covered by the high turtle neck.

The horse has gone through several incarnations too, including a flaming mane and tail. Looked weird so I covered the whole horse in a coat of bluish black.

That makes him look like one of those plywood silhouettes you can buy at farm stands. That's not what I'm after. Back to work.

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